M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor
M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor
M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor
M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor
M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor
M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor

M.O.A.B. - 10.6 CFM Portable Dual Air Compressor

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M.O.A.B. Compressors are back in stock and better than ever as we've added an automatic pressure cutoff switch, and upgraded to heavy duty storage bags!

The EZ FLATE M.O.A.B. is the Massive Ordnance Air Blast you need to get your tires back to road-worthy PSI!

With dual cylinder compressors pumping out 10.6 CFM, you'll be blown away by how much time it saves when airing up!

  • 10.6CFM / 300LPM
  • Up to 150PSI working pressure
  • 12v, 90amps - clamps right to your vehicle battery
  • 50% Duty Cycle, 30-minute runtime
  • Automatic pressure cutoff switch at 120PSI
  • Includes a heavy duty storage bag
  • Includes a 26' hose with screw-on inflator tip for individual tires
  • Connects directly to all EZ FLATE products - no adapter needed
  • Long 4' lead hose reaches your EZ FLATE manifold from the ground even with 40" tires
  • Almost twice as fast as the Smittybuilt 2781, and 7 times faster than the Viar 88p!
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weight: 25lbs
  • Size: 14”Lx6”Wx9”H

Due to the power of this compressor, we HIGHLY recommend using it with one of our hose systems to disperse the air between all 4 tires at once. 

Bundle with a Recoil or Hyperflex and save 5%!*

Example of the speed: most common/budget compressors put out less than 2CFM and take over 30 minutes to air 35" tires from 10 to 30 PSI, but with the EZ FLATE M.O.A.B., the job is done in 6 minutes flat!

Check out this short video showing how to set it up!

*Discount applies to the purchase price of the compressor and hose kit, not the entire order.  Discounts cannot be stacked. 



Customer Reviews

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All drains plumbing inc.
Look no further

I have a ram 2500 w/35” tires 80 lbs in back and 65 in front and fills the tires in minutes the coil on the other hand 👎🏼:) cant realy use because of the 2diferent pressures

Malcolm Harris

Super fast compared to single arb. Great product!!

Douglas Osborne
Pumps fast

Finally had a chance to test my compressor in the desert. Filled my 37X12.5s in around three minutes per tire. Used to take around 12+ minutes/tire with my old Harbor Freight single pump.

John Eads
Exceeds Expectations

Worth every penny! Let’s be honest, this is a “budget” dual air compressor and when I first opened it up there were a few concerns. Cosmetically you can tell it is a budget machine and I even had concerns about it being a refurbished unit. All my concerns were erased when I put this compressor to its first test run. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was and how fast it filled up my tires. I often have buyer’s remorse after spending so much money but I feel great about this purchase. I would definitely recommend this compressor.

Charles Walker
Inflation rate

Tried for the first time today to see how it works out before taking it on the trails. Filled 4 35” tires from 20-39 psi in just under 10 minutes. Easy to use and great value for the price. Do wish the bag it comes in had a little more padding for better protection and a couple pockets that could be closed for the accessories. Easy to lose them or to get damaged.