Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System
Recoil Hose System

Recoil Hose System

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    • Now made with our new Rapid Locking Air Chucks!
    • Inflates or deflates all 4 tires simultaneously
    • Equalizes pressure automatically
    • Holds memory of shape to quickly coil back up
    • Fits up to 180" wheelbase, can be cut shorter using push-to-connect fittings
    • Includes a digital pressure gauge and industrial coupler plug
    • Rated up to 150 PSI within -40°F to 160°F
    • Stores easily in the provided bag

    Bundle with a M.O.A.B. 10.6 CFM Portable Air Compressor and save 5%!

    Don't forget to grab an adapter if you aren't using our M.O.A.B. compressor!

    Customer Reviews

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    EZ Recoil System

    EZ Recoil System works great. I was on the side of the road with a storms coming in, it was so fast to air down and up. Worth every penny.

    Justin Morgan
    Awesome setup

    The recoil hose system is awesome. I was not sure at first if I wanted a straight hose system or the recoil. I went with the recoil due to after using a street hose system my father-in-law has, it was always getting dirty and in the dirt and sand. It was not always easy to roll up into the perfect size to fit the carrying bag. With the recoil, it goes right back to its original size. It is super easy to put back into the bag, and I find that it saves time that way. Also, ripping a hose up over the side mirrors keeps it from getting in the dirt. it just seems like a cleaner system. The quality of the air, shocks and all fittings just seem like a higher grade than my father-in-law‘s green hose system. I would definitely buy this again.
    When the hose is all packed up, it fits in my pack up system perfectly.


    Well built, good quality. The coil makes it so much easier to put away.