About Us


Welcome to EZ FLATE! We are a family-owned business based in Utah, and we specialize in creating innovative products that make off-roading easier and more fun. Our story began as a happy accident when our founder, Dustin, was researching ways to air up and down his tires faster and more efficiently. After testing out many types of hoses and air chucks, he made his first 4-tire hose kit in our garage and posted about it on social media. To our surprise, it went viral overnight, and we quickly found ourselves with a website up and running, and we began manufacturing hose kits in our garage.

Our main goal at EZ FLATE is to support our family hobby of wheeling, and to continue finding and creating products that will make it easy and effortless to get on and off the trails. We are passionate about off-roading and want to share that passion with others by providing quality products and services.


Allow us to introduce our team. Dustin and Chelsie are the founders of EZ FLATE. Dustin handles all of our new products, inventory, and supply chain, and Chelsie handles all of our marketing efforts. They started their off-roading journey in a 2001 XJ that Dustin bought and built up himself. They now wheel a '21 Jeep Rubicon 392 named Karma.

Ashley (sister to Chelsie) and Ryan are the parents of two kids who have grown up around Jeeps and love them as much as we do. Ryan grew up wheeling and can take credit for introducing Dustin and Chelsie the sport.  He also does all of our graphic design for media and packaging. Ashley creates all of the content for our YouTube Channel: Trails and Tales with EZ FLATE. They currently wheel an '07 JK named Cheeto.

Jake (brother to Chelsie) and Kalie joined into our hobby after riding shotgun with everyone else for the first few years. Jake handles our Dealer Relationship, and Kalie is essential to our family expo trips by coordinating child care and meals. They wheel a '15 JKU named Ghost and they love exploring the great outdoors.

Katie (sister to Chelsie) and Preston round out the family with their sassy toddler and two rigs. Preston grew up working on cars with his grandfather and has a degree in Automotive Mechanics. He worked for Jeep as a technician and did the inital build on EZ FLATE's 392. He now handles all of our R&D while Katie manages our customer service department. They both love off-roading, and they wheel a 2020 Jeep Wrangler Willys and a 2000 Jeep XJ named The Heep.

While not directly related to the original four Whitney siblings, Corban and Karlee have been adopted by team EZ FLATE and are part of our Expo team. Dustin and crew randomly stumbled upon Corban and his friends on a trail while wheeling in Moab and invited them to tag along for the weekend. The rest is history - and they've been a crucial part of our success at Expos. Corban and Karlee wheel the infamous Jetpack Jack - the coolest XJ around (it has a second radiator on the roof).

Another critical part of our Expo team, Bryson, was with Corban that fateful day that they met Dustin and crew. Bryson ended up buying Dustin & Chelsie's first Jeep and now wheels Dinah the XJ!

Shelton is the brother of Preston, and Ashley's media assistant. He is passionate about off-roading and always makes the trip to Utah for events when he can to support Ashley and our YouTube channel.

At EZ FLATE, we are more than just a company; we are a family of passionate off-roaders who want to share our love of the sport with others. We are committed to providing quality products and services that make off-roading easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Welcome to the EZ FLATE Family!