EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex
EZ FLATE Hyperflex

EZ FLATE Hyperflex

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  • Inflates or deflates all 4 tires simultaneously
  • Equalizes pressure automatically
  • Velcro straps to hold hose line up off the ground, and to keep the coils together in the bag
  • Reaches up to 150” wheelbase, can be cut shorter using field repairable fittings
  • Includes a digital pressure gauge and industrial coupler plug
  • Hybrid polymer hose that won’t kink or hold memory
  • Rated up to 300 PSI within -40°F to 175°F
  • Stores easily in the provided bag

***Got Apex Rapid Precision Valves or recessed valve stems?  No problem! Just select the "Slim - Single Lock" air chuck option for best fitment***

Bundle with a M.O.A.B. 10.6 CFM Portable Air Compressor and save 5%!

Don't forget to grab an adapter if you aren't using our M.O.A.B. compressor!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great quality, good value!

I looked into building my own 4-way hose, but I found that I would have spent almost as much, if not more, just for the parts. I'm really happy with the components Dustin uses. And it has a nice storage/carrying bag as well!

Gary Boatwright
Excellent product. Must have.

I saw this product on YouTube‘lite brite’ and knew it was something. I am new to off roading and love this product… I use it on both cars just to get pressure 100% balanced and so fast!

Great product and better customer service

We had a small issue and they took care of me know problems. I was never worried and always felt everything was going to be taken care of.

Charlie Westmoreland

This is absolutely the BEST inflation system out there on the market. Not only is it good for a 1974 Ford Bronco, but it will work great on a three axle 2012 Raptor Toy Hauler in filling the tires. So glad I purchased it, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this for any off-road enthusiast or someone looking for a piece of mind in having a reliable air source for filling tires.

Lonnie Louviere
EZ Flate Hyperflex System is Hypertastic

Although my new jeep has not arrived as of this writing, this hose and compressor setup will work great. it is easy to us =e and store easily when finished.